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I am a broadcaster, writer and author in the fields of food, travel, motivation and general fiction.  I am passionate about cooking and also nutrition, which does not always go hand in hand, especially when I also love to cook the naughtier dishes!  I split my time between Lincolnshire, and of course the beautiful Lake District, where I do most of my filming.

For freelance writing and media enquiries, please contact my team at:-




2 thoughts on “About & Contact

  1. Good Morning Emily.
    My name is Sevi, I am the wife of Dimitris Charalampous of Gelato Palladion (https://www.facebook.com/GelatoPalladion/) you visited in Rhodes.
    Dimitris told me you really liked our gelato and its quite an honor when someone like you is so positively expressed about our product. I tried to reach your page on FB but I couldnt. If you have a page please let me know. Unfortunately I dont have Tweeter. I hope some day we can watch your show in Greece too. Till then I read your recipes which are delicious. I hope some day I meet you too. Thank you, and I wish you all the best!


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