Victoria Sandwich Cake

A traditional Victoria sandwich cake is only supposed to have a layer of jam.  However, like most people, I enjoy it better with both the jam, whipped cream or a buttercream layer.  This cake is one of the most made, as it can also be a birthday cake with either a buttercream and decorated topping or with a fondant icing layer on top.


sponge cake copy



4 eggs in a jug beaten (After you have weighed them see recipe below)
Caster Sugar (the same weight as the eggs)
Butter (softened and the same weight as the eggs)
1 tsp of Vanilla Extract
Self Raising Flour (the same weight as the eggs)
(Possibly a little milk)
A couple of tablespoons of icing sugar
Whipped cream & strawberry jam
Preheat your oven to 180 degrees centigrade.
Take a large spring formed, loose bottomed cake tin, grease and line it.

If you want to use buttercream you will need:-

400 g Icing Sugar
120 g of butter at room temperature
3 tbsp of luke warm water
1- 2drops of vanilla extract

Decorations and drops of food colouring and flavourings as you may require in substitution for vanilla icing or you could still use a couple of drops of vanilla extract.


Weigh your 4 eggs – whatever the weight of the eggs, you need to use the same weight in flour, sugar and butter.

In a mixer or with an electric hand mixer whisk the butter and sugar.  Whisk until the mixture goes very white and creamy.  The temptation with a hand whisk is to give in when your arm aches, but trust me it needs to be going for about 4 minutes to achieve this white creamy texture, hence the reason why I use my beloved standalone mixer.

Once this is achieved you will need to add your beaten eggs bit by bit on a nice slow beat.  Go slow with this and do not rush it.  Add your vanilla extract and beat slow again for 3 seconds.

Then you need to add the flour to the mixture.  Sieve the flour over the mixture and gently fold the flour in.  I find my spatula is the best tool for this job as it ensures that no pockets of flour is left over.  If the mixture is too thick that you cannot get it reasonably easy from the bowl then add a tablespoon of milk to the mixture.  However this mix should not be at all over runny.

Pour the mixture into the lined cake tin.  Cook for about 35-40 minutes until a skewer comes out clean.  Wait for the cake to cool before turning out onto a wire rack for further cooling.

Once cooled properly, slice in half.  Its at this point once cool that you can add fresh cream or buttercream (see below) and jam.  Put both sponges together.  You can also decorate this cake for a birthday or other celebration, or simply sieve some icing sugar on top.

To make the buttercream simply whisk/beat the icing sugar, butter and water together.  To get a real good airy whip, make sure you whisk it for about 4 to 5 minutes.  If the buttercream is little stiff just add another drop or two of water a bit at a time.  You can also add a few drops of flavour, like vanilla, and any colouring to suit.


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