Christmas Recipes

It is almost Christmas, so please forgive me for plugging my seasonal recipe book available from Amazon on the last day of November.  Quite a few people over the years have asked me for some of my seasonal recipes for the festive period, so these are a batch of my favourites.  Each year I add recipes to this collection, and so if you have purchased through Amazon previously, they usually give you the opportunity to download the latest version for free.


You can purchase the book on a special offer here from Amazon.  Click here for book

Just in case any of you think I have fallen off the end of the earth, I haven’t.  This year has been a particularly busy one, engaged in writing, cooking, tv stuff and another project which I am super excited about for 2017.  I shall be revealing all in due course, but hope to have my venture up and running by the Spring.  It has taken a lot of time, but then again if you want to do something good then you have to put the effort in.

So in the meantime, thank you to everyone who has supported me on here, on my social media pages and of course purchasing my books.  Without you I am nothing!

I do hope that you have a fabulous Christmas and New Year, and I also hope (time permitting) to put a couple of video clips on here, with recipes from the Christmas book.

Happy Christmas, enjoy eating!