The Diet Frenzy Begins… Resolutions Fail

I call it “diet frenzy” for good reason.   High calorie Christmas goods have now been moved to the sale aisles of supermarkets, to make way for an avalanche of celebrity fitness DVD’s, health foods and juicing machines.  People who are desperate to rekindle last year’s resolutions for fitness and weight loss, wander aimlessly looking for inspiration, with a new-found belief that this year will be different.  In their heads they are thinking “yes, this year will be the one, and I will not wander off my brutal regime of cabbage soup amongst other stupid schemes by February.”

Watching women mull over the celebrity DVD covers is another one of my favourite past times.  Most covers follow the same mantra, where shown is a very unflattering picture of the said celebrity in a bikini looking like a whale, along with their new  (so they say unphotoshopped) body.  What I find interesting is that many of these celebrities return to their pre-fitness state and even worse, months later.  You just know that many of the women wanting to buy into the concept of these DVD’s and regimes, are setting themselves up for a fall, right from the start.  You can tell from a person’s body frame and structure, that a size 8 is never going to happen, and nor should it, unless that is how you are naturally!

Another growing market is the fitness bunny websites/blogs/facebook pages.  Post after post seems to be the same…. “drink this juice and look like me…” No thanks.  Although many may have a great level of fitness and health, I do not want the botox, boob jobs and other extras that seem to come with the look of many of these women.  The males appear to be going in the same direction, with facial work and so many coats of fake tan that they look like they have smothered themselves in cupranol or marmite.

Stupid celebrity endorsements of fad diets is another laughable area.  If you want a body like such and such then just drink nothing but …blah blah blah.  Yeah right.  The word gullible springs to mind.  Then there is the juicing industry, which is growing at an alarming rate.  I have nothing against juicing in moderation, but for someone like me who loves food, I know I could not last for months on a shake or juice for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Something that often resembles baby food, being consumed once a day is more than enough for me.  Nor could I engage with those companies who deliver every meal ready weighed and calculated like a science experiment.  Surely it would be better for people to learn how to cook themselves in a balanced way, ensuring they get the correct nutrients and saving themselves a packet in the process?

What I see is that people have a superficial and lazy outlook to health and fitness plans.  They want a get fit quick option, rather than do things gradually and in a realistic manner.  Starting brutal and punishing regimes often leads to failure quickly.  How many people have started a diet and then found themselves fall into the diet misery abyss only a month later?  I will always advocate a sensible overhaul of your eating and exercise behaviours.  It is not rocket science to work out that if you sit munching food increasing calories and doing nothing, you are going to end up overweight and miserable. I also suggest that people do not get sucked in to clever marketing which inevitably leads to expense.  Doing exercise does not have to cost you and arm and a leg.  How about you make a start by power walking?  A sensible pair of trainers and a cheap pedometer or phone app, can tell you how many steps you do.  Aim for 10,000 and then build on it.  I have a dog which gets a long walk in the morning before work and a long walk in the evening after work.  Got children?  Go play some football or run around in the park with them.  Then look at your diet and be honest with yourself.  There is nothing worse than enrolling in a gym in your new lycra, and then wanting to quit after the first session.  This is all because you ache from head to toe, and look like a sweaty mess when comparing yourself with the gym addict next to you.  Breaking yourself in gently is key.

Ditch the sugars and refined pre-packed foods and snacks from your cupboards.  Eliminating these will make a difference to your health and bank balance.  Check out your portions as well.  Many of us are over generous on our plates, and so cutting back a bit would definitely be a step in the right direction.  When you succeed with doing these small steps, you will find that you can move on to the next level of health and fitness easier.  Smaller goals are easier to achieve and will hopefully mean that instead of breaking your resolutions, you will actually be successful.

Finally, ditch the scales and start to look to your body being strong, toned and healthy.  This leads to a more positive attitude towards your own body image.  Celebrities may look nice, but many are blessed with a team of stylists and the wonders of photo shop.  Make 2016 the year that the fads get binned, you focus on health and be successful with your fitness.  Most of all, make this year a happier year for you.  Be you and not someone else.  You were made unique for a reason!


Published by

Emily Glancy

Broadcaster, Author, Writer and Business woman Slightly obsessed with food, health, current affairs and travel. Have far too many interests to list, so I will not bore you. Have a Christian faith and a heart to help others when it is in my power to do so. My saying in life is 'You have only failed if you quit... If you don't quit then you have not failed.'

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